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 Medic tips

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PostSubject: Medic tips   Medic tips Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 5:07 pm

1. When in a group, don't worry about attacking or debuffing. Keep your eyes on the group interface; don't worry about targeting anyone but your group members.

2. Learn how to unlock your mouse quickly and target group members in seconds. It takes a while to master, but it is one of the essential Medic skills.

** If you use the "alt" key or rebind it to another key, you can unlock your mouse very quickly

** You may also use the F keys, F1 through F9. These target your group members. Either works.

3. Know what the most important debuffs to remove are in situations; being able to remove the serious ones is important.

4. Clear DOT stacks with Cure Affliction when they hit 5 to conserve action.

5. Try melee for a change. The added parry, while it only affects incoming melee attacks as you're not a Jedi, can be the difference between life and death when you have melee professions attacking you. The majority of debuffs and skills are ranged for a Medic, making going melee not as hard as one would think.

6. Drop your nerve gas consistently, or keep it on a macro, to do extra damage and rack up PVP kills if necessary.

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Medic tips
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