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 The Assist command

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The Assist command Empty
PostSubject: The Assist command   The Assist command Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 4:01 pm

Well, seeing as how rebs use this frequently i guess we might as well start making use of it...

For those who didnt allready know -There is a command ingame called /assist.
This command make your toon automatically target the same target as the person you are assisting.

Example: Cen'tosh is in a fight targeting Petra, Twinmoon does /assist cen'tosh. This results in twinmoon automatically targetting petra as well.

This doesnt really make any big difference unless you are running a assist macro, and preferable the entire group should use it and on 1 selected leader who calls the targets.

This results in massive DPS directed at 1 single target at a time, making it very hard for him/her to surivive.

Examples of an assist macro:

Macro name: assist

/assist name;
/pause 0.5;
/macro assist

Bind to hotkey of your choice (Ctrl + a) for example

If you are running a macro like the one above, it means your toon will attempt to target the same target as the person you are assisting 2 times per second, resulting in you allways targeting the same target.

But. When ure running a macro like this, you need to be prepared things doesnt go your way. What happens if the person you are assisting dies and targets the cloner droid, or if he gets disconnected etc.
You better have a /dump macro for this, which easily dumps all active macros with a click.

A dump macro can look like this:

Macro Name: dump


Bind to hotkey of your choice (Ctrl + d) for example

How do i bind my macro to a hotkey?
Open options and go to keymap. Click the "Custom" tab and you will find all your macros there. Then just bind your selected macro to a key you wanna use for it. Make it an easy click as you will be in the heat of battle every time you use it.


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The Assist command
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