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 [Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute!

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[Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute! Empty
PostSubject: [Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute!   [Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 1:22 pm

This is a guide how to grind GCW on invasions as Entertainer, to maximize gain for guild, city and player.

You really need none. You dont even need to be level 90...a War Intelpad can help though.

Give yourself the "Go with the flow" buff and maybe some 2nd chance..

PHASE 1 - Building Pylons
1. Get tools from a trader friend or alt

2. Get the Cure Fatigue quest from the General

3. Go SF and /startdance then build pylons using the following macro:

Name: pylonspam

/ui action defaultAction;
/pause 1;
/macro pylonspam

That macro will keep you building pylons as long as you have it targeted in range. If you have a Trader alt then use it on him aswell to easily flip between the toons without having to "click" a pylon every 5 sec. Make sure your Alt watches your Ent as soon as he has the Fatigue quest.

3. When you had 20 ticks on Fatigue you need to go to the General to renew your quest. You will recieve 1000 GCW per Fatigue mission and 500 GCW for every 10 clicks on a pylon.

4. Dont forget to re-watch the Ent with your Alt.

5. Repeat this for the Entire Buildphase, completing as many Fatigue quests as possible, and the bonus pylon missions as well.

[Interception] If SF Rebels pop up and kill you, clone and go back asap -Continue doing the missions as combatant, once you have your 20 ticks, go SF and time it so you are by the General when you switch. 1 click on the General will give you 1000 GCW as SF, before anyone gets a chance to kill you again. If they do kill you again, clone go Combatant and repeat.

(This works best in Bestine and/or when "Attacking" since the cloner is allways very close there. You have to feel it out yourself and use common sense. Sometimes its just not worth it, but you still get 500/250 GCW as combatant for Fatigue and Pylon Missions.)

6. Once buildphase is over, do a /dump to end your current macros. Your Trader alt can logout now if needed, he's done his job.

PHASE 2 - Combat Phase
1. Start this macro:

Name: demotroop

/pause 0.25;
/ui action conversationResponse0;
/pause 0.25;
/ui action conversationResponse0;
/macro demotroop

That Macro will do 2 things, 1. Auto-talk to the general to rewnew mission if you target him within range and 2. Auto-talk to the "Demoralized Troopers" (It will also spam your screen with system messages, so you might wanna remove that from chatbar temporary)

2. Target the General and the Macro will give you your "Rally Troops" quest.

3. Go find the spawn locations for your Demoralized Troopers. They take a minute or two to start spawning and should be fairly close to the General. There are more then 1 such spawn and each spot spawn 3 troopers at most.

4. Stand within range for the Demo-troops and /dance. After about 20-30sec an Imp logo will appear above their heads, indicating that you now have given them morale enough to be convinced to join the battle.

5. Target a Demoralized Trooper. Your Macro will auto-complete talking to the Trooper, and you get 500GCW for completing it. You need 3 troopers per mission.

[NOTE] This macro is perfectly legit, however the Demoralized Troopers are bugged. If you keep your trooper targetted, your macro will keep updating your mission. You can complete 1 "Rally Troops" mission from just 1 NPC, even though you should need 3 NPCs.
This ofc probably counts as an Exploit and i trust noone will use it that way, right? (Im confident that no other ents are! Rolling Eyes )

6. Keep on repeating this over and over the entire combat phase. If SF's turn up, do the mission combat and go SF right before you complete it. If you are repeatedly killed, it might be more worth doing the missions Combatant for awhile and try to go SF again if/when the Rebels seems to have gone away.

7. When there is only 4-5min left on the invasion, do /pvp and go combatant again. Time it so youre Combatant once the invasion ends.

Thats it. This is how Entertainers and their guilds/cities keeps topping the leaderboards.

We're at war! Quick Solider, dance for me!

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[Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute! Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute!   [Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 20, 2011 4:10 pm

instead of running I buff crit and precision + combat expertise and make THE WEBELS run away xD

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[Invasions] Solider, drop that weapon and pick up a flute!
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