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 How to increase RAM usage in SWG

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How to increase RAM usage in SWG Empty
PostSubject: How to increase RAM usage in SWG   How to increase RAM usage in SWG Icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2016 6:25 am

This setting (taken from the SOE forums actually), will allow you to set a new maximum RAM usage. Note, that 2 GB is the max, don;t bother allocating anything beyond that, the client won't use it.

This setting will not make much difference for un-modified clients, BUT, if you use mods, and use the updated SWGEmu.exe client, you will want to use that extra RAM.

Right-click the "My Computer" icon (Computer in Vista/Win7)

Choose "Properties" from the context menu

Click the "Advanced" tab ("Advanced system settings" link in Vista/Win7)

Click the "Environment Variables" button

Under the "System variables" section, click new

Enter SWGCLIENT_MEMORY_SIZE_MB in the "Variable name" field and amount of memory to use (1024 for 1 gig) in the "Variable value" field

Click OK

Then in game, open the debug window with CTRL+SHIFT+G, the new value should be displayed properly in megabytes.

Source: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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How to increase RAM usage in SWG
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