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 Rivad's BM Medic Guide

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PostSubject: Rivad's BM Medic Guide   Rivad's BM Medic Guide Icon_minitimeThu May 06, 2010 5:42 am

Nihm wrote:
Would be nice if you could post your BM/Medic set up Rivad, it would be a nice add to this thread or a new thread, and then maybe Symeon who is fully support. Even though there are lots of guides and stuff on offical forums i think its better to have ours here so that we can inspire new members to stay with medic prof or switch to it, cause we need more good medics in the guild and on the server!!

Sure! I have used several expertise builds in my life (obviously, Nihm's was one of them), so here are others:

Wrenik's Support only, buffs enabled
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I used this on Wrenik back when he was a medic for PvE mostly. It completely lacks any offense, but has rather impressive defense and an ability to buff on the go. Was using a block suit with agility (agi/(strength/prec)/bv).
It is hilariously lopsided and no fun at all for solo combat, but boy do people love those medics to wipe their butts!

Evasion as quite a useful self-buff and the cooldown is on par with other abilities of a similar nature (as far as I recall it was even altered with first responder's set). But as Nihm stated, not at the moronic point cost it has). It is only a good choice if you have a lot in the Field Survival.
Bacta grenade was a useful asset back in the day (when we had no bacta ampule). Right now a healing potency moded ampule is a lot more useful than bacta grenade.

Rivad's Beast Master (updated)
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This is my current spec for Rivad. Beast mastery is so point-expensive, it makes you think of your original profession and sacrifice things. Out of things I had to sacrifice I miss most the serotonin boost and at times when LoS issues arise (namely during fights in Restuss' med center) -- drag corpse. Using agi/luck/prec suit with this (because I like it).
Fully functional beasts with 4 special skills, can kill sher kar, malfosa, acklay, N-K Necrosis (and other similar things) with them and solo hunt krayts.
Full instant heal abilities - my bacta bomb, spray and ampule retain full potency.
Cure Affliction as a measure against DoT stacks.
Traumatize and Thyroid Rupture - debuffs I highly enjoy. Traumatize is very useful in PvP (and completely useless in PvE) because it instantly drains action. Thyroid rupture is a 15% instant damage reduction on target which definitely has its uses in any situation.

More on Pets:
4 pet specials is a good thing though most pet types only have 3 attacks specific for their type. A lot of pets will be able to learn Provoke in place of an extra attack.
2 out of 3 points in improved pet recovery gives me the bonus equal to the maximum bonus of the old expertise, i.e. 10 seconds to rez, 50% health upon rez.
Pets now have 20% more armor and their evasion chance/value can be improved (from a limited test against a medic and a spy today in Bestine I can tell that pet management is no longer like a freaking peg leg!)

I'm lovin it so much! i just hope they wont nerf it.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
I think this could be a rather amazing DOOM/BM Smile A rather weak pet with disease debuff would make this quite interesting against players.

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Rivad's BM Medic Guide
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