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 How to process a +35 Powerbit (From a Tailors point of view)

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How to process a +35 Powerbit (From a Tailors point of view) Empty
PostSubject: How to process a +35 Powerbit (From a Tailors point of view)   How to process a +35 Powerbit (From a Tailors point of view) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2007 5:33 pm

What you need before you start

1. A capped re-engineering suit and as much "Luck" skill as possible
2. Crates of clothing w. sockets.
3. Stacks of electronical Junkloot (See [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
4. A capped RE-engineering Tool
5. Highstatted looted clothing/armor/jewelry (I use +22-25 only)
6. Multi-statted looted clothing/armor/jewelry (Stats doesnt matter here)
7. Powerups w. REing-chance for Breastplate/shirt/weapon, preferably at least 7-8


Step 1
Activate your powerups and Luck stims/buffs

Step 2
Take a looted clothing/armor/ with as high stat as possible and put it in your RE-tool. Rightclick and execute "Reverse Eng". A powerbit should now appear in your Inventory containing a power-ratio and an "order".
I usually get around +28-30 from a looted item with +24 in the stat, and around 29-31 from a looted item with +25 in the stat.

Step 3
Put 2 different types of stacked Junkloot in your RE-tool, make sure the modifier you're about to create is a regular stat like "Con,sta,prec,agi,str" absolutley not any exotic skills. Then hit "Reverse Eng" and a modifier appears in your Inventory. Repeat until you have a batch of modifiers.

Step 4
Put your Powerbit in the RE-tool and add 1 modifier. Then execute "Create clothing attachment" and a Clothing attachment (CA) will appear in your inventory.

Step 5
Drag & Drop the CA on a crafted clothing w. a socket. The clothing now becomes statted.

Step 6
Take the "now statted clothing" and put it in your RE-tool, then hit "reverse engineer" and your clothing will pop out as a new Powerbit in your inventory. Hopefully the new powerbit will be higher then the original one.

Step 7
Repeat from Step 4. When your powerbut is capped at +35, go to Step 8.

The powerbit will not always go up in numbers, so its a matter of patience. Sometimes it takes me 25 -or more- attempts to get 1 powerbit up to +35, but dont worry - it will happen. Just make sure your powerups are active while Re-engineering and try to have over 140 in re-engineering chance. (I have 145 atm and my Luck skills is around 400ish)

Step 8
Now you have a capped powerbit (+35) and if you are going to make a three-statted CA, you will need to have 3 powerbits at +35 AND they need to be one first order, one second order and one third order powerbit. Its common to get 1st and 2nd orders just throgh regular RE-ing attempts, but the 3d order usually dont come for free.
So, take your +35 powerbit, and make a CA from it. Attach it to a socketed clothing and put it in your RE-tool.
Now, before you hit "Reverse Eng" make sure to add a "Multi-statted looted item" in your RE-tool. After you have them both in your tool, hit "Reverse Eng" and a 3d order powerbit should appear in your Inventory.

Step 9
You should now have 3 powerbits. one 1st order, one 2nd and one 3d.
Now you just need to make a CA.
Instead of attaching the CA to a socketed clothing, you insert it into your tool again along with the 2nd order powerbit and a modifier, then hit Reverse Eng and a 2-statted CA appear in your Inventory. Repeat the process with the 3d order powerbit and a third modifier and tadaa: You have a 3*35 statted CA, ready to be attached to a clothing of your choice.

Good Luck with you Reverse Engineering, dont be afraid to ask.


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How to process a +35 Powerbit (From a Tailors point of view)
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