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 Spy Armor Templates

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PostSubject: Spy Armor Templates   Spy Armor Templates Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 2:54 am

This is taken from the SWG spy forums, another excellent post from -pedro-

To start heres a few i've worked up:

Template Name: Strikethrough Sniper

Description: This template focuses on ranged templates and increasing their dps by maxing out ranged mods and strikethrough mods to bypass that dreaded armor we all hate!

Total Stats from suit:

* +105 Camoflauge
* +350 Luck
* +350 Precision
* +245 Strength
* +9 carbine action cost reduction
* +60 Strikethrough chance
* +24 Strikethrough Value


* Head: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Left Bicep: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Right Bicep: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Left Bracer: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Right Bracer: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Pants: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Boots: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Belt: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Bandolier: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Gloves: +35 Strength, +35 Precision, +35 Luck
* Shirt-Excotic: Carbine Action Cost +3, Strikethrough Chance +5, Strikethrough Value +8
* Chest-Excotic: Carbine Action Cost +3, Strikethrough Chance +5, Strikethrough Value +8
* Weapon-Excotic: Carbine Action Cost +3, Strikethrough Chance +5, Strikethrough Value +8
* Shirt-Powerup: Strikethrough Chance +15
* Chest-Powerup: Strikethrough Chance +15
* Weapon-Powerup: Strikethrough Chance +15
* Suggested foods: The new strikethrough drink coming with bugbash patch

Other Notes(ie expertise): Stacking the high precision and luck increases strikethrough chance and strikethrough value passivly, as well as crit hits. Focusing most of your third stat into strength will increase your to-hit chance to further bypass defenses like dodge parry etc...having only 105 camo added will be painful but since this is a ranged template shoudn't be as much as a problem...the extra carbine action cost can be replaced with rifle if you choose but will help in the overall dps....these stats by itself should raise your chance to strikethrough up above 20% passivly and strikethrough for over 60%...most of your dps will come from when you strikethrough and not so much on damage increase, so focus the expertise accordingly.

Template Name: Mauler Spy

Description: This template focuses on creating the maxmum amount of dps for a melee spy with some side bonuses to trying to get a lucky strikethrough.

I'm currently working on this suit, although I may change the precision for luck, I'll update once I'm 100% on that.

Total Stats from suit:

* +350 Camoflauge
* +350 Strength
* +350 Precision
* +27 insertmeleeweapon damage(+27%)
* +9 PvP critical chance(9%)
* +9 insertmeleeweapon action cost(9% redux)


* Head: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Left Bicep: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Right Bicep: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Left Bracer: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Right Bracer: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Pants: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Boots: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Belt: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Bandolier: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Gloves: +35 Camoflauge, +35 Strength, +35 Precision
* Shirt-Excotic: +insertmeleeweapon action cost +3, +insertmeleeweapon damage +2, PvP Critical chance+3
* Chest-Excotic: +insertmeleeweapon action cost +3, +insertmeleeweapon damage +2, PvP Critical chance+3
* Weapon-Excotic: +insertmeleeweapon action cost +3, +insertmeleeweapon damage +2, PvP Critical chance+3
* Shirt-Powerup: +insertmeleeweapon damage +7
* Chest-Powerup: +insertmeleeweapon damage +7
* Weapon-Powerup: +insertmeleeweapon damage +7
* Suggested foods: High strength food like mandolorian wine...

Other Notes(ie expertise): For insert melee weapon mods you should choose a crafted mustafar weapon, either one-handed or polearm are the to biggest choices for best socketed dps.(a weaponsmith must make the recipe from a cube then the weapon itself). The biggest advantage of this template is if you crit you can hit really hard...the 27% does increase damage, and it best stacks with puncturing strikes and preperation, as well as the lair crystal. Throw all these in the mix and its been recorded that razor slash has critted as high as 6000 pre-armor, making it the hardest hitting template possible in melee short of attempting to rely on striking through for better dps. Stacking the strength will give its own melee damage bonus and a very high to-hit value...stacking precision further increases crits, increases parry and block...and since its a strength/precision stack your block rating will be at its highest along with parry to help with defense while dpsing...

Template Name: Bug Bash

Description: All defensive to take advantage of and test the 6.8 changes.

Total Stats from suit:

* Camo = 315 or 627 with PuP's
* Agility = 420 or 714 with PuP's
* Luck = 420
* 2-Handed Action Reduction = 9% or 39% with PuP's.
* Thakitillo = +30 Parry +79 Stamina
* Accarragm = +27 Movement Speed +79 Agility

Suit: 6592 Kin/Energy Primus Layered Marauder Armor

* Head: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Left Bicep: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Right Bicep: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Left Bracer: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Right Bracer: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Pants: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Boots: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Belt: PSG
* Bandolier: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Gloves: +35 Camo, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Shirt-Excotic: +3 2-Handed Melee Action Reduction, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Chest-Excotic: +3 2-Handed Melee Action Reduction, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Weapon-Excotic: +3 2-Handed Melee Action Reduction, +35 Agility, +35 Luck
* Shirt-Powerup: +10 2-handed Melee Action Reduction, +104 Camo, or +104 Agility
* Chest-Powerup: +10 2-handed Melee Action Reduction, +104 Camo, or +104 Agility
* Weapon-Powerup: +10 2-handed Melee Action Reduction, +104 Camo, or +104 Agility
* Suggested foods: Thakitillo or Accarragm (New stats)

Other Notes(ie expertise): I took everything new. This means the 6% dodge, avoid damage, decoy, and quiet steps. I got the ambush line except for 1 point in preperation. I also took the cloaked heal, AW, and improved SF. Finally the WoT line is pretty much a given. This is all defense so fights last longer and require much more strategy than cutting them down with an alpha strike, cloaking to pop an action stim, then another alpha strike. Instead I do not lead with an alpha strike. I am using my 1st attack as a setup for decoy then hit them hard. Avoid damage does not work for AOE's since it does not include avasion.

If you would like some more information on templates, or anything spy related, you can refer to the original thread at:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Or the spy forums at:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Spy Armor Templates
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