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 Jaimses Badge Guide v.1

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PostSubject: Jaimses Badge Guide v.1   Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:43 pm

Hey guys, just thought I’d post a little guide I’ve gathered together from various websites. This is just stuff I saved from the web and I am now compiling it all into one handy post for everyone to share.

This is work in progress so any incorrect or missing information just point it out and I'll correct it.

Explorer Reward Badges

• Novice Explorer - 10
• Journeyman Explorer - 20
• Skilled Explorer - 30
• Professional Explorer - 40
• Master Explorer - 45


5 badges

• Rogue CorSec Base 5175 1644
• Grand Theater of Vreni Island -5418 -6248
• Crystal Fountain of Bela Vistal 6760 -5617
• Agrilat Swamp 1389 3756
• Rebel Hideout -6530 5967


4 badges

• Dantari Village -3862 -5706 (check out the statue)
• Dantari Rock Village -7156 -883
• Abandoned Rebel Base -6836 5520 or -6827 5507 (either entrance to central building).
• Jedi Temple Ruins 4195 5203 (foot of the staircase in the ruins.)


7 badges

• Imperial Prison -6304 753
• Dathomir Tarpits 668 -4835 (badge location significantly different from POI location) (badge location is now where POI used to be)
• Lesser Sarlacc of Dathomir -2101 3165 (You are likely to get diseased flying over this POI.)
• Escape Pod -4437 574
• 'Lesser' Misty Falls 3558 1554 (badge location significantly different from POI location)
• Downed Ship 5727 1923 - not listed in POI tab
• 'Greater' Misty Falls 3021 1289 - not listed in POI tab


4 badges

• Ewok Tree Village 4596 -2423
• Dulok Village 6051 -2477 (center of village with aggressive, death blow, CL 64 villagers)
• Ewok Lake Village -650 -5076
• Marauder's Stronghold -4628 -2273


1 badge

• Kachirho, Kashyyyk (it is sufficient to land at the starport)


3 badges

• Imperial Outpost -1814 -3086 (probably any entrance)
• Mount Chaolt 3091 -4638
• Great Kimogila's Skeleton 4562 -1156


1 badge

• Mensix Mining Facility, Mustafar (walk out the front door at the starport)


4 badges

• Theed Waterfall -4628 4207
• Dee'ja Peak Waterfall 5157 -1646
• Amidala's Beach -5828, -93
• Gungan Sacred Place -2066, -5423


4 badges

• Imperial Hyperdrive Facility -1130 4544 (inside and down)
• Imperial Encampment -5633 -5661
• Rebel Outpost 3664 -6501
• Kobola Spice Mine 7371 169 (inside and down)


4 badges

• Lost Village of Durbin 4133 962
• Imperial Outpost -2184 2405
• Imperial vs. Rebel Battle -2452 3846
• Lost Aqualish War Party's Cave -4425 -1414 (badge location significantly different from POI location)


7 badges

• Lars Homestead /way -2579 -5500
• Ben Kenobi's Hut /way -4512 -2270
• Great Pit of Carkoon /way -6176 -3372 (You are likely to get diseased flying over this POI.)
• Escape Pod /way -3931 -4397
• Ancient Krayt Skull /way -4632 -4346
• Krayt Graveyard /way 7428 4563 (badge location significantly different from POI location, I had to go a lot further into the graveyard)
• Fort Tusken /way -3966 6267 (pool in the cave below the fort; then run inside, hang a right, and keep going until the badge activates.)

Yavin IV

3 badges

• Temple of Exar K'un 5076 5537 (Unless you are rebel, which I hope you are not! The only way to get this badge is to run straight into the wall at the front of the temple)
• Temple of the Blueleaf -875 -2047 (temple entrance)
• Woolamander Palace 519 -646 (temple entrance)

Travel Librarian Badge

The Theed Librarian is located in the palace building (-5535, 4682) in Theed on Naboo. When talked to, he will challenge the player to series of 20 questions given in random order. If you miss a question you can try again however the answers are given in random order also.
The information he'll ask you about can be found at the RSF Computer, also located inside Theed Palace (waypoint -5532 4541, after the entrance, 2nd pair of rooms adjacent to the main path, left one - just before the large semi-circular room with the RSF pilot trainer, Captain Dinge).


However, if you want all the answers, enjoy!

The Librarian says to you, "Hello, welcome to the library. If you'd like, we could play a game. I'll ask you trivia questions and you can answer them. All right?"

What single center of mass do both Talus and Tralus orbit around?

• A black hole
• Centerpoint Station
• Corellia
• Tatooine

What is the more common name of the Koensayr BTL Longprobe Starfighter?

• B-wing
• X-wing
• Y-wing
• Tie Fighter

Rori is a moon which orbits which planet?

• Corellia
• Naboo
• Talus
• Yavin

How long is an average day on Dantooine?

• 24 hours
• 25 hours
• 30 hours
• 125 hours

The four suits of a standard Sabacc deck are:

• Coins, Cups, Staves, and Sabers
• Coins, Staves, Flasks, and Sabers
• Swords, Sabers, Scimitars, and Knives
• Swords, Staves, Cups, and Wands

In what system is the planet Dathomir located?

• Abraxis
• Prindaar
• Quelii
• Xizor

Approximately how many light years is Tatooine from the Galactic Core?

• 3
• 34,000
• 43,000
• 153,000

Who originally established the Free Trader Association of Naboo?

• Darth Maul
• Nute Gunray
• Queen Amidala
• Shep Contopault

Corellian Clams are known for this property...

• Being hard to open
• Delicious flavor
• Healing properties
• Their blood is alcohol

Where did the Trade Federation first test the automata of its vast droid army?

• Coruscant
• Kashyyyk
• Lok
• Rori

How many moons orbit the planet Endor?

• None
• 7
• 8
• 9

The playwright Thalos Lorin, is best known for this drama:

• Rodian Fever
• Serpent Rain
• The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma
• Unusually Bothan

How many inhabitable moons does Yavin have?

• Three
• Four
• Eleven
• Forty

Who formed the Brotherhood of the Sith?

• Darth Vader
• Darth Bane
• Exar Kun
• Jorus C'baoth

What company developed the original Victory Class Star Destroyers for the Old Republic?

• Grand Moff Tarkin
• Kuat Drive Yards
• The Min-Dal Company
• Rendili StarDrive

Which of the following is not considered a "standard" Sabacc card:

• Demise
• The idiot
• The Queen of Air and Darkness
• The Sarlacc

What song, written and performed by the band Starburst, was rated Scarlet (artistically worthless and offensive) by the Imperial Board of Culture?

• The Emperor's Hobby
• Love in the Atmosphere
• Only In Your Dreams
• Time for Action

What song, performed by the ensemble Plexo-33, was considered most popular song in the galaxy, prior to the clone wars?

• Clones Need Love Too
• Only In Your Dreams
• Tatooine in G-Minor
• 11011101 #2

What sport was named the "official" sport of the New Order, shortly before the Battle of Yavin?

• Kel Tag
• Ringer
• Sabacc
• Wegsphere

The T-I-E in TIE Fighters is most commonly believed to refer to what?

• Tertiary Invasion Equipment
• Timed Insular Ejection
• Turbo Injected Engines
• Twin Ion Engines

The Librarian ends the questions with, "Well, you've answered all the questions I have. Perhaps if you come back another time we can play again. Who knows, perhaps I'll even have more questions for you then."

Racing Badges

There are currently six Swoop Race Tracks available.
The race tracks are (waypoint is the location of the Race Coordinator Droid):

• Lok, Lok Marathon (630, 5055)
• Talus, Nashal River Race (4199, 5286)
• Rori, Narmle Memorial Rally (-4975, -2227)
• Naboo, Keren Street Race (1395, 2686)
• Tatooine, Mos Espa (2380, 5000)
• Corellia, Agrilat Swamp Circuit (1680 4700)

To gain the badge you have to speak to the Protocol Droid and run the track. If you beat the current daily record you will be given a badge for that track.

GCW Officer Rank Badges

Simply acquire the rank needed for the badge.

Imperial Lieutenant Officer
Imperial Captain Officer
Imperial Major Officer
Imperial Lieutenant Colonel Officer
Imperial Colonel Officer
Imperial General Officer


Jabbas Badge of Trust

This is usually completed while on the legacy quest as you can’t continue on without first having done this.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Imperial Badge of Merit

Gained by completing the Imperial Theme Park

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Nym’s Badge of Honor

Gained by completing Nym’s Themepark

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Hero of Tatooine Badges

If you want to start these series of quests, you must first talk to the hermit /way 10 -215 located inside the Squill Cave on Tatooine.

Entrance at /way 48 -98

First you must find the Hermit a squill skull. The skull is located back close to the entrance of the cave at 9, -126. (found skull @ /way 5 -150) Collect the skull and then return to the Hermit.

For a nice short guide which gets you all the badges go to:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Badge Collector Badges

Badge Collector: 5 Badges
Badge Collector: 10 Badges
Badge Collector: 25 Badges
Badge Collector: 50 Badges
Badge Collector: 75 Badges
Badge Collector: 100 Badges
Badge Collector: 125 Badges
Badge Collector: 150 Badges

I think there are more of these since the collection system was added. If someone would like to confirm that for me.



Collecting Comlink Pieces

This is the first Collection quest given to you by the Collector in Mos Eisley. I've listed the waypoints even though you will have them all in your datapad.

/way tatooine 3393 -4795 Collecting Comlink Pieces #1
/way tatooine 3354 -4839 Collecting Comlink Pieces #2
/way tatooine 3332 -4818 Collecting Comlink Pieces #3
/way tatooine 3358 -4779 Collecting Comlink Pieces #4
/way tatooine 3267 -4853 Collecting Comlink Pieces #5
/way tatooine 3309 -4913 Collecting Comlink Pieces #6
/way tatooine 3174 -5034 Collecting Comlink Pieces #7
/way tatooine 3163 -5043 Collecting Comlink Pieces #8
/way tatooine 3186 -5051 Collecting Comlink Pieces #9
/way tatooine 3145 -5039 Collecting Comlink Pieces #10

Reward: 1000xp

Collecting Datapad Pieces

This is the second mission the collector in Mos Eisley gives you. All three pieces are looted from the same mobs which can be found at 3268 -4284.

Reward: "The Jewelry Collection" painting

Datapad Collection

/way dathomir -7013 3941 Datapad Collection #1*
/way lok -6228 3390 Datapad Collection #2
/way corellia -1421 1986 Datapad Collection #3
/way tatooine 3411 -5467 Datapad Collection #4
/way dantooine 4506 -6486 Datapad Collection #5
/way talus -6683 7268 Datapad Collection #6
/way yavin4 -3183 3345 Datapad Collection #7
/way naboo 4936 -4928 Datapad Collection #8
/way endor 6109 -2450 Datapad Collection #9
/way rori 3591 349 Datapad Collection #10

*This item is protected by a high-level gold Boss enemy and several high-level silver Elite enemies.

Reward: Datapad Decorative Item

Com-Link Collection

/way yavin4 -7048 7357 Com-link Collection #1
/way dathomir -6232 -6088 Com-link Collection #2*
/way endor -1166 2951 Com-link Collection #3
/way talus -5816 -6395 Com-link Collection #4
/way tatooine -3720 -4752 Com-link Collection #5
/way corellia -1913 3995 Com-link Collection #6
/way dantooine 2523 -2862 Com-link Collection #7
/way rori 7056 -5275 Com-link Collection #8
/way lok 6191 908 Com-link Collection #9
/way naboo -3978 4389 Com-link Collection #10

*This item is protected by a high-level gold Boss enemy and several high-level silver Elite enemies.

Reward: Com-Link Decorative Item

Unknown Astromech

This collection is started in Aurilia from Collector Kakirk located at waypoint 5356, -4138

/way tatooine -6248 -5950 Damaged Droid
/way corellia 1773 4668 Manipulator Arm
/way naboo 6669 7185 Droid Motivator
/way lok -3892 -4495 Droid Sensor Suite
/way dantooine -4197 -2426 Droid Module Package
/way dathomir -115 -1594 Droid Playback module
/way rori 778 -2085 Astromech Head
/way yavin iv -230 4815 Astromech Torso
/way endor 3166 -3498 Droid Adv Redun Power Supply
/way talus 4850 -4720 Droid Personality Chip

Reward: Dancing Droid Schematic



Dejarik Holomonsters

To complete this collection, collect the following items.

Ghhhk Dejarik Piece
Grimtaash Dejarik Piece
Houjix Dejarik Piece
Kintan Strider Dejarik Piece
K'lor'slug Dejarik Piece
Mantellian Dejarik Piece
Monnok Dejarik Piece
Ng'ok Dejarik Piece

All the parts can be looted from droids (CL22-24)in Borvo's Vault near Moenia on Naboo.

Reward: Monster Pieces for Dejarik Display.

I'll add some more later.

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Number of posts : 444
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Location : Cloud 10.5
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PostSubject: Re: Jaimses Badge Guide v.1   Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:45 pm

Plans for v.2

Update layout so it's easier to read/find what you want.

Add correct answers for Travel Librarian badge.

Add more badges and start adding the collections.

Thats all for now.
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Jaimses Badge Guide v.1
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