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 Entertainer Buffs - explanation

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Entertainer Buffs - explanation Empty
PostSubject: Entertainer Buffs - explanation   Entertainer Buffs - explanation Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 8:04 am

You have a total of 20 points to spread across your selected buff... choose wisely!!

Attributes: (costs 1 point each max 5 points)
Agility (+30 to agility per point spent)
Constitution (+30 to constitution per point spent)
Luck (+30 to luck per point spent)
Precision (+30 to precision per point spent)
Stamina (+30 to stamina per point spent)
Strength (+30 to strength per point spent)

Combat:(costs 5 points in total)
Action Reduction Cost (9% Bonus)
Critical Hit (7% Bonus)
Glancing Blow (7% Bonus)

Miscellaneous (Costs 2 points each to max 10 points)
Flushed with success (3% xp gain per point)
Harvest Faire (1% increase on resources gathered per point)
Healer (increase strength of heals by 2% per point)
Resilience (Reduce damage over time of dots by 4% per point)
Go with the flow (increase movement rates by 5% per point)
Second chance ( 6% auto-heal in combat per point) MAX 8 Points only

Resistances (costs 1 point each to max of 5)
Energy (+750 to energy protection per point)
Kinetic (+750 to kinetic protection per point)

Trade (cost 2 points each to max 10)
Each point gives +2 to expertise for selected trade
Advanced assembly (advanced assembly + experience gain) All trades
Architecture (structures + experience gain) Structure Engineer
Booster assembly (booster assembly + experience gain) Shipwright
Chassis assembly (chassis assembly + experience gain) Shipwright
Culinary (food assembly + experience gain) Chef
Droid Tech (droid assembly + experience gain) Droid Engineer
Engine assembly (engine assembly + experience gain)Shipwright
Fashion (clothing assembly + experience gain) Tailor
Munitions (weapons assembly + experience gain) Weaponsmith
Power Systems (power assembly + experience gain) Shipwright
Security (armor assembly + experience gain) Armorsmith
Shield assembly (shield assembly + experience gain) Shipwright
Weapon systems (weapons systems assembly + experience gain) Shipwright

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Entertainer Buffs - explanation
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